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The Monthly Round-up: September’s Best WordPress, Magento, and ExpressionEngine Content

October 12, 2012 0 Comments RSS Feed

The Monthly Round-up: September's Best WordPress, Magento, and ExpressionEngine Content

At Nexcess, we specialize in Magento, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine hosting, and we like to keep up to date with the best of what’s happening in those communities. Today’s blog post is a roundup of content published over the last month that we think is worth your time to look at. You’ll find a mixture of content to suit both experienced users and those who are looking to gain a foothold in a complex area. We hope you enjoy!

WordPress and Blogging

Magento and eCommerce

  • The Starter’s Guide to Effective eCommerce Fulfillment – In this article, I’ll focus on how to excel at fulfillment and grow your operation so that you keep costs low, maintain accuracy and effectively scale your operation.
  • 5 ways to test the Usability of your E-commerce Site – Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product, service or website by testing it on users and it’s good practice to perform tests in combination with Split testing.
  • Best practices for mobile e-commerce – Ever since e-commerce websites went mobile, the playing field changed beyond recognition. New rules were made. Older ones were rewritten. And in some cases, traditional design approaches were abandoned altogether in favor of new versatile web design practices.
  • Fast and Painless Magento Admin Navigation – Technical people are users too. I’ve built a new, open source Magento extension for lightening fast admin navigation.
  • Managing Your Ecommerce Sales Funnel – This article will focus on the various activities that support a sales funnel and how to manage them to optimize your conversion rate.


  • How to Build a Simple Tumblr Blog with ExpressionEngine – If you have even a foundational knowledge of ExpressionEngine, and know the difference between a channel, a template, and a field group, you should be able to follow along just fine.
  • Marcus Neto’s ExpressionEngine Demo Video – Marcus Neto, former Product Evangelist for EllisLab, has put together a video demonstrating some of the features of ExpressionEngine. This 30 minute video walks through all the ins and outs one would want to cover in pitching ExpressionEngine to a potential client.

Hosting, Development, and Design

If all that reading has exhausted you, take a moment to relax and check out this completely unrelated, but quite adorable, animation.

the Song for Rain from Yawen on Vimeo.

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