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Listing the Contents of a Windows Folder

November 16, 2012 2 Comments RSS Feed

Listing the Contents of a Windows Folder

Have you ever had a lot of files and folders that you want to list or print? I am a music fanatic and I discover and buy new music and put together a list each year. I have a folder with all the bands that I want to print out so I can easily copy and paste in to an html document and place it on my website.

Once I’m in the folder I want to print out I right click on directory window while holding Shift in the white space not selecting ant folders or files, and select ‘Open command window here’

In your comand promp type the following.

dir > CurrentInterests.txt

You can use any file name you want, I chose ‘CurrentInterests.txt’ because that’s the name of the directory, or folder I want a list of. After you have named the file, press Enter then click the X or type exit and Enter to close the cmd window.

This will create a text document within the current directory named ‘CurrentInterests.txt’ that lists everything in that directory.

As you can see in my file, I have some Russian names that are printed out as question marks. If your directory contents contains any special characters, they will not be printed correctly. You will need to change your text file to a UTF-8 Encoding and edit the special characters.

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  • Matthias Zeis

    If you only want the name of the directories, you can use
    dir /a:D /b > CurrentInterests.txt
    This way you get rid of the files and the additional information.

  • will_hough

    Thank you Matthias