MagentoLive UK 2013 Slide Decks are Online!

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Nov 6

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MagentoLive UK 2013 Slide Decks are Online!

Chris Wells Speech at Magento Live UK 2013This past month, Nexcess was in London, England for MagentoLive UK 2013. We were honored to sponsor such an amazing event that brought together so many incredible minds. Those in attendance had the opportunity to see enthusiastic and informative presentations by a variety of authorities from the Magento community, including our own, Chris Wells.

We realize that the majority of Magento users around the world were probably unable to make it to London for the event, so we’ve uploaded the slide deck of Chris’ presentation, The Importance of Site Performance and Simple Steps to Achieve It to SlideShare. Read more

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Oct 30

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Magento Tag Management Makes It Easier To Manage eCommerce Marketing And Analytics

Magento Tags

Modern eCommerce is heavily dependent on actionable data-driven insights to maximize sales. Big data is something of a buzzword, but there’s no doubt that in the absence of accurate date, eCommerce retailers would be at a significant disadvantage.

Useful data comes from an enormous diversity of channels, including web analytics, remarketing, customer relationship management, affiliate marketing, multivariate testing, and so on. Each of these data sources is usually managed with tools from different vendors and each requires that specific code be added to web pages.

That multiplicity of code snippets can be a headache for marketers and IT departments alike. Marketers and sales teams need to have a constant flow of data, and they need to be able to quickly modify their data collection as circumstances evolve. That means they need to frequently change the code that collects their data. IT staff generally don’t want marketers messing around with the code of their site, particularly if they are from an outside agency, and they are frequently too busy to implement every little change that marketers demand in a timely fashion. Read more

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Oct 23

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Signifyd Brings eCommerce Fraud Protection to Magento


Fraud is a serious problem for eCommerce retailers.

While less than 2% of eCommerce revenues are lost through fraudulent transactions, in a trillion-dollar industry, that’s no small potatoes, particularly in an industry segment with low margins. But, possibly more significant than fraud itself is the amount of time and effort that small retailers put into avoiding it. Vetting every transaction to ensure that it is genuine is time consuming. Although fraudulent orders account for only about 1.2% of total orders, 25% of orders are reviewed by retailers, of which about 30% are rejected.

In the absence of solid data, many genuine orders end up being rejected as retailers err on the side of caution. Manual review tends to be a clumsy tool, looking for obvious patterns and markers in transactions that can only indicate fraud within a very fuzzy set of probabilities. Read more

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Oct 21

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Integrating Magento with Point-Of-Sale Solutions

Point of Sale and Magento

One of the most popular narratives around eCommerce in the media focuses on how eCommerce is disrupting and destroying the traditional brick-and-mortar store. It’s a narrative firmly rooted in reality. eCommerce offers consumers an unbeatable value and convenience, and brick-and-mortar stores have significant costs that just aren’t an issue for most online retailers. However, some of the efficiencies inherent in eCommerce can be put to work to the advantage of brick-and-mortar store owners, particularly when it comes to the technology they use.

A point-of-sale system is at the heart of any retail venture. Traditionally, point-of-sale systems have been slow, inelegant, and proprietary, running on hardware with strictly limited capabilities. In the modern world, that needn’t be the case; cheap computing power abounds, and there is excellent software available to that works as well on an iPad as on the traditional PC.

Using Magento for point-of-sale allows store owners to smoothly integrate their online and off-line selling and offer customers the same sort of personalized and convenient retail experience that they have come to expect from buying online. Read more

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Oct 16

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Ordoro’s Shipping And Inventory Management Platform Now Integrates With Magento

Ordoro Inventory Management

There is no shortage of shipping and inventory extensions for Magento; we highlighted some of them in an article earlier this year. But, there’s a new kid on the block that has been generating a fair bit of attention. Ordoro, a startup based in Austin, Texas, is focused on providing an intelligent management system for small business fulfillment.

Inventory management is often one of the major stumbling blocks for small businesses, and Ordoro attempts to leverage the benefits of SaaS to cut through much of the complexity and provide a simple and efficient way to manage product levels and shipping.

The web-based service integrates with Magento and syncs orders and stock information in both directions. It allows retailers to get a quick overview of the stock levels and which orders are currently shippable. Read more

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Sep 19

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Magento Host

how to choose a magento host

When it comes to deploying a Magento store, one of the most important decisions eCommerce retailers can make is their choice of web hosting company. While, in theory, almost any hosting company has the wherewithal to host a PHP application like Magento, the devil is in the details. The quality of hosting companies varies widely, so before a choice is made, retailers should ensure that they have done the necessary research. Once you make the choice, if you discover that your hosting company is not all that was promised, it can be costly, both in terms of time and financially, to make the move to an alternative.

Effective eCommerce hosting requires a particular set of competencies, so, to save you wasted time and effort, we’re going to take a look at some of that factors that should be at the forefront of your mind.


Performance matters for any website, but it’s of crucial importance where eCommerce is concerned. You could install Magento on a low-powered, unoptimized shared hosting plan, but Magento is resource hungry, and the result would be a sluggish and laggy store. Read more

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Sep 17

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Nexcess Magento AMA!

Magento Reddit AMA

Magento and Reddit?!

We’re pleased to announce that members of the Nexcess team will be participating in a Reddit AMA in the Magento subreddit!

Head on over to the AMA page now to get your questions in early! Here’s the link to where the AMA will be held:

Submit your questions or click here to visit the AMA!

We will have members of the Account Management team as well as the System Administration team on hand to answer your questions! The following people will be available to answer your questions:

Chris Nassouri - Lead Account Manager

Chris Nassouri
Lead Account Manager

Ben Nugent - System Administrator

Ben Nugent
System Administrator

Brian James Hill - Lead Technical Account Manager

Brian James Hill
Lead Technical Account Manager

Jamie Alquiza - System Administrator and Virtualization/ZFS fanatic

Jamie Alquiza
System Administrator and Virtualization/ZFS fanatic

Alex Headley - System Administrator and the developer of Nexcess' Varnish extension for Magento: Turpentine!

Alex Headley
System Administrator and the developer of Nexcess’ Varnish extension for Magento: Turpentine!

Feel free to ask us questions about (but of course, not limited to):

  • The technology behind our Magento stack
  • Varnish and Turpentine, how do they work?!
  • Our whitepaper on Magento performance and best practices released during Magento Live 2013 in Las Vegas!
  • Questions about hosting Magento? Let us at ‘em! It doesn’t matter who you host with, we’ll give you hosting-agnostic information to make sure your store is running as fast as possible regardless of who you’re hosting with!
  • Questions about our Magento hosting plans!

We’ll also be giving out schwag and free hosting packages randomly during the AMA!

Spread the word!

Sep 13

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eCommerce Basics: Affiliate Marketing With Magento

Magento Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a powerful technique for generating a steady stream of traffic and purchases for eCommerce retailers. Best of all, compared to other marketing strategies, like PPC advertising and content marketing, eCommerce affiliate marketing can be relatively inexpensive, relying on the efforts of a motivated network of affiliates and partners who only benefit when sales are made. Affiliate marketing is an effective, efficient, and measurable way of generating sales and revenue.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing incentivizes third-parties to drive traffic to a website in return for a commission, which can be paid for leads or for completed transactions. It removes much of the day-to-day hassle of running a marketing campaign from the store’s owners and puts it in the hands of affiliates. If those affiliates don’t generate conversions, then they don’t get paid.

The job of affiliates is to push as much highly qualified traffic to a site as possible, and they have many different options for doing so, including blogs, reviews, advertising on relevant content, social media sharing, content curation, editorial content, email marketing, and so on. Read more

Sep 4

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10 Steps to Import YOUR Magento store to Facebook and Start Selling!

Magento Facebook

Simple Steps any Magento merchant can take (today!) to tap into the Facebook commerce platform and start boosting profits!

Importing your Magento store to Facebook can now be done in 2 minutes. With the right marketing tools and the right approach this can become an amazing channel of revenue for you.

Facebook is far more than a social networking site these days. In fact, it’s become a driving force in e-commerce, so much so that it has coined the term “f-commerce” to describe its impact. Maybe you’ve seen the advertising and branding efforts big companies invest in the platform and wondered if such efforts might work as well for your small to medium-sized business. Absolutely! In fact, let me lay out a few quick examples of how Facebook has transformed a variety of business just like yours:

Read more

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Aug 26

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What Are The Limitations Of The Magento Community Edition?

Magento Community Edition

Magento, the world’s most popular open source eCommerce platform, can be used in two major versions. Retailers can either go free with the Community Edition or pay for the Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition is not an inexpensive option, and the cost may constitute a major investment for smaller businesses, so they often choose to stick with the Community Edition. However, while the Magento Community Edition is an excellent platform for building an eCommerce store, there are some limitations that make the Enterprise Edition worth serious consideration.


For online retailers, their site is their business. Dealing quickly and efficiently with problems and finding solutions that maximize sales are crucial for maintaining a healthy growing revenue stream. That means having the support of experts who know Magento inside and out and will respond without delay.

The Magento community is a great source of information, but it can fall short when compared to professional support packages. With the Community Edition, store owners are on their own or reliant on finding the answer they want among the disparate collections of advice that exist on the web. Read more

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