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The Monthly Round-up: January’s Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content

January 31, 2013 0 Comments RSS Feed

The Monthly Round-up: January’s Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content

January has been a great month for WordPress, Magento, and ExpressionEngine content. Today we’re going to bring you a roundup of the articles that we found most interesting and informative. Whether you’re new to building a website or an old hand, we hope you’ll find something here to learn from.

WordPress and Blogging

    • The Difference: WordPress Foundation and Automattic, Inc. – There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding Automattic Inc., the WordPress Foundation, and everything else in between. So much so that most people unfortunately use all of it interchangeably which is the wrong thing to do.
    • The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins – Over 23,000 WordPress plugins have been contributed to the Plugin Directory. Millions of websites are powered by these plugins, developed and maintained by an amazing open-source community around the globe. This table showcases the 108 most popular WordPress plugins, ranked by the number of downloads.
    • Advanced Blog Metrics: Get Insight About Your Posts and Comments – There are many types of WordPress plugins available for metrics, both simple and advanced. These types of plugins really come in handy because they help to analyse your blog’s content and can show you how much your readers like or dislike what you’re publishing.

  • The Blogger’s Guide To Responsive Design – I regularly get questions about suggestions for best ways or best plugins to use to make a blog design mobile friendly.
  • Start a niche business using WordPress – Are you ready to learn how to find a niche business? One of the things I really want to do for is to seek out folks who use WordPress in their business that aren’t designers or developers.
  • WordPress for photographers: an introduction – WordPress offers a superb platform for any variety of websites. Here’s a little background on how I’ve found it useful.
  • CodeinWp Review – The Perfect Answer to PSD to WordPress Conversion – Businesses around the world look for customized websites that are tuned to meet their niche demands and create their brand name. Thus, most businesses opt for websites that are designed from scratch. PSD to WordPress emerged as the most desired technique for web development.
  • Using WP_Query In WordPress – you’ve been around WordPress for a while, you’ll know how difficult it used to be to create lists of posts based on complex criteria while also conforming to WordPress’ standards. Over the course of a few years, the platform has come a long way.


  • The 20 Largest ExpressionEngine Sites – People often ask us, “Can ExpressionEngine handle my HUGE TRAFFIC requirements? Because I’m planning to get [one gazzillion hits or something like that] and I heard Drupal or WordPress is better for big sites.” The answer is: Yes, EE can handle your traffic, if you know how to set it up properly and if your hosting provider is reliable and robust.
  • Build a powerful ecommerce site with ExpressionEngine – ExpressionEngine is a powerful and flexible content management system. David Dexter of walks us through the process of using the CMS to build eCommerce websites.
  • Building a RESTful API with ExpressionEngine Templates – are one of the things I love most about the internet. Basically they allow you to create a web app that will communicate with a resource or server and do things for you. And with ExpressionEngine templates it is really easy to create a simple RESTful API.
  • Guide to 404 Pages with ExpressionEngine – According to a recent study, 7% of traffic to any given website will result in a 404 error. By default, most ExpressionEngine sites will just redirect the user to the homepage, without any indication of what has just happened. This guide explains all you need to know about setting up your system for optimal 404 pages.
  • Make moving your ExpressionEngine site a breeze – Moving can be such a hassle. Forget moving trucks and packing tape, I’m talking about relocating a website. Luckily, moving an ExpressionEngine site is a fairly simple task – if you’ve got your variables organized.

Magento and eCommerce

  • A New Way To Leverage Facebook For Online Sales – Brick and mortar stores are faced with lots of obstacles these days, including significant overhead costs, “showrooming” by smartphone-wielding shoppers and decreased foot traffic. Many young companies would rather sell exclusively online, and many older ones are looking for ways to add more oomph to their online channels to make up for lost revenue.
  • Developer’s Toolbox: MagneticOne Store Manager for Magento – With Magento becoming the front-runner in the eCommerce world, it is becoming more important for users to be able to easily manage their rapidly evolving Magento store. Out-of-box Magento has left many customers frustrated with time-consuming store management due to most Magento Stores containing hundreds, if not thousands of products.
  • Why everyone should LOVE Magento – Magento is the Creare weapon of choice when it comes to e-commerce Design and Development. It’s cost effective, scalable and because it’s open source, there is a great community behind it.
  • The Four Phases Of E-Commerce Consumer Engagement – Ultimately, every brand wants to reach the pinnacle of consumer engagement. In e-Commerce, that might mean having the latest and greatest technology or the coolest new features. Regardless, the ability for a company to differentiate its site is of utmost importance in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Google to slug retailers with paid Shopping listings starting next month – Retailers will soon have to pay for listings in Google Shopping results, as well as come to terms with a new algorithm, with the web giant set to start roll out of its commercial model for product listings in Australia on 13 February.
  • How to miss your eCommerce sales targets – Although becoming a successful ecommerce business is hard, the blueprints for getting there are relatively simple; so what are the basic ways in which you can achieve your ecommerce sales targets.

And to finish, a totally unrelated video featuring anthropomorphic sounds, which had us wondering what our sounds would look like.

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