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The Monthly Round-up: March’s Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content

April 9, 2013 0 Comments RSS Feed

March's Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content
Winter is drawing to a close and soon spring will be in full swing. It’s a great time to take a look at your WordPress, Magento, and ExpressionEngine sites and consider if they need some spring cleaning to speed them up or give them a new look for a new season.
Here are few of this month’s best articles to give you some inspiration.

WordPress And Blogging

  • How to Set Up WordPress for Maximum Awesomeness – With an extra hour or two of setup, you can have a well-optimized, secure blog that pulls in new visitors and keeps out intruders. Most of these things are one-time setups that you won’t have to think about again.
  • How To Create Custom Queries In WordPress – There are many ways you can query the WordPress database, here we are going over 3 different ways pre_get_posts action, query_posts() function or the WP_Query class.
  • Developing Locally on WordPress with Remote Database Over SSH – The problem that existed is that I didn’t want to bring the database from the existing development server site into my local MySQL instance. It’s far too big. I figured this could be done via an SSH tunnel and so, I set abut trying to figure it out. The situation worked flawlessly and so, for your sake (and for myself for the future), I give you the steps.
  • Installing Google Analytics in WordPress Made Easy – Apart from the actual content, images and products/services that a website offers, one of the most important things that make it a success is the statistics about the site. The numbers will indicate what your visitor thinks about the site and what he/she would like to see more of.
  • How to Create and Manage Tables in WordPress with TablePress Plugin – If you have been using WordPress for some time, than you know there are few things that it doesn’t allow you to do and creating tables is one of them. There are times, when you would need a table to add pricing structure or some data but couldn’t do it because the best blogging platform doesn’t have any thing like that.
  • Using Grunt to Speed Up & Standardize your WordPress Theme Development – In our industry, the name of the game is speed. Speed comes into play in nearly every aspect of our work; from meetings, to process, to development, to performance in the end product.
  • WordPress Security Threats That You Should Look Out For – When running a website on WordPress, it is sensible for you to pay attention to security. There are constant threats to blogs and sites running on WordPress. Oftentimes, you will find out about a security breach after it has happened.
  • Design a Multi-Page Form in WordPress – Have you ever found yourself needing to create a custom, multiple-page form in WordPress? I do… all the time!
  • SEO Friendly WordPress in 12 Steps – This guide will show you the necessary steps to optimize a WordPress website, focusing on modifications that apply to SEO.
  • Noupe’s Easter Gift To You: A Premium WordPress Theme For Free – The Ambassador” is an excellent WordPress theme for business, resort, basically any type of hotel. The modern and intuitive design uses full-width photos to better highlight a hotel’s beauty and style.
  • What is an XML Sitemap? How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress? – Today sitemaps are published in XML instead of HTML and their target audience is search engines and not people.
  • 5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Photographers – WordPress is a wonderful web platform, it is no wonder it is such a popular choice for photographers around the world. So now that you have your domain and WordPress website up and running what plugins should you install to get the most out of your WordPress site as a photographer?

Magento And ECommerce

  • My Life With Magento – The story of a developer’s relationship with Magento, told through animated GIFS.
  • An Overview on Common Terminologies of Magento – “Magento” – the e-commerce web application itself is an industry. Its features and usage are so diversified that needs a developer to acquire specific skills. If you are new into the field of Magento development, this blog post would assist you in understanding the different aspects of Magento system.
  • E-commerce SEO in 2013 – Ecommerce SEO has always been a huge challenge for retailers due to technical constraints with legacy IT systems and the sheer number of pages that businesses with a large inventory of products are likely to have on their websites.
  • 6 Uses of Big Data for Online Retailers – Most small merchants think that Big Data analysis is for larger companies. In fact, it is important for small businesses, too, as they attempt to compete with the larger ones. This becomes even more important as online retailers interact with their customers in real time.


  • Bring Matrix Data Editing to the Front-End – Have complex data that you would love to have all in one field? Matrix is the key. It’s super easy to output all your data on the front-end as well with its handy tag pairs it just makes so many tasks a breeze.
  • Five essential ExpressionEngine Addons – We’ve now been developing websites with ExpressionEngine for over a year, during this time we’ve tested many addons and modules that sometimes have proved to be essential to our future builds. Here’s an overview of five addons that are definitely worth checking out if you work with ExpressionEngine.
  • How to Connect ExpressionEngine to a Third Party Email Delivery Service – Has a client ever said to you, “Why didn’t I get that reset password email?” Have you ever had to wait patiently for like ten minutes to get a new member activation email? Ever lose sleep wondering if your contact form is really working? If so, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of transactional email delivery services.

That’s it for March, we’ll be back towards the end of next month to report on all that has happened, and in the meantime we’ll be publishing articles from our expert writers and staff, so be sure to subscribe or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ll leave you with an animation, which seems appropriate to us as spring brings back some color to the world.


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