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The Monthly Round-up: August’s Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content

September 3, 2013 3 Comments RSS Feed

The Monthly Round-up: August’s Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content

Starting a new blog, eCommerce store, or website can be an overwhelming task. And that’s just the beginning of your journey. Maintaining and improving your website presents an entirely different challenge, but don’t worry, there’s a lot of great information out there. For your convenience, we’ve gathered up the best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento articles from August. If you’d like more great content throughout the month, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section!

WordPress and Blogging

  • Infographic: 2013 Top WordPress Plugins for Business – For a long time, we’ve watched as some WordPress plugin popularity has been driven by personal or consumer-based installations. What about business? There are a series of plugins that can be leveraged for driving great results for businesses.
  • 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a WordPress Theme – With so many WordPress themes around, it’s important to choose just the right one for your needs. Business websites, personal blogs and artist portfolios may have different requirements, which will influence your choice of theme.
  • 40 Fantastic Open Source WordPress Plugins – There is an ever-growing library of plugins to be found in the official WordPress directory. These plugins are all free to download and many have also been submitted into Github as open source. It can be fun prowling the Newest and Recently Updated plugins to look for any gems.
  • The Top WordPress Tools for Developers, Designers, and Consultants – I was a Joomla! user who converted to WordPress in 2010, and I have contributed at least four sites to the WordPress statistic that it powers more than 68 million websites around the world. This year, I took the plunge into the WordPress codex and began writing my own plugins and getting comfortable with the code behind the ever-evolving WordPress platform.


  • Using ExpressionEngine to Manage Modular Page Layouts – ExpressionEngine is fantastic at handling traditional web layouts. Let’s start by clarifying what I mean by traditional web layouts. Every developer has received a series of PSDs and an accompanying sitemap made up of the following:
  • Why awc Uses ExpressionEngine: Part 1 – At allwebcafe, we are often asked to make recommendations for an, “out of the box” content management system. We have worked with many different CMSs over the years including WordPress, Drupal, SilverStripe, ExpressionEngine, some custom builds, and a few I can’t even remember anymore.
  • 8 Amazing Sites Built With ExpressionEngine – When you think of content management systems, you think of WordPress and Drupal websites – but don’t discount the alternatives. ExpressionEngine is one of the most designer-friendly systems around. Its template structure allows you to develop full-featured content websites without the restrictions of many of its rivals

Magento and eCommerce

  • The Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for eCommerce – Responsive design is not just a fad, it’s a real response to the need for websites to serve users across devices in an efficient and scalable way. But it’s been relatively slow to catch on with ecommerce — with only 2% of the IR500 using a responsive solution for smartphone visitors, and 60% using mobile-specific sites or server-side adaptive HTML.
  • Magento: Increasing Import Speed – A lot of import scripts I’ve worked with previously are very slow. It’s true to say that Magento is a bit of a memory and process hog, but there are a few things that we can do to speed up import processes.
  • Magento Responsive Navigation 101 – Do’s and Dont’s – Responsive Design is extremely popular method for building websites. As mobile web browsing skyrockets, designers and developers have come up with the best ways to give website visitors the best experience by simply and easily finding what they are looking for.
  • Increasing Magento Speed and Loading Time. – Lets face it, we all deal with the same problem when choosing Magento as a platform for our e-commerce store. The nightmares of “LAGGY” and “SLOW” requests from browsers when trying to access your store has become a true reality.
  • How to Deal with Layered Navigation in Magento – There are lots of different ways to prevent layered navigation from causing SEO issues with eCommerce sites, varying in difficulty, effectiveness and the amount of traffic the pages can generate.

This month, we’ll leave you with the awe-inspiring sight of over 275,000 dominoes falling.

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