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9 Google Chrome Extensions Web Developers Should Be Using

January 14, 2014 0 Comments RSS Feed

Great Chrome Extensions

Even without any extensions, Google Chrome is chock full of useful tools for web developers. The most important of which are, of course, the Developer Tools that are built into the browser. But, there’s still a lot of functionality that can be added to Chrome to ease the lives of web developers.

In this article, I’d like to highlight 11 of my favorites. They range from collections of tools that I find very useful to little additions that add some piece of functionality that is essential to my workflow.


Pendule has some crossover with Google Developer Tools, but it also adds functionality that is missing from Chrome by default. Pendule is something of a Swiss Army knife of web dev tools and includes:

  • CSS tools, including editing, reloading, disabling, and so on.
  • Password tools.
  • Image manipulation tools.
  • The ability to validate HTML, CSS, links, and accessibility features.

Resolution Test

This handy extension allows developers and designers to test their layouts in different screen resolutions.

Chrome Sniffer

This extension is more for peering behind the scenes at other sites than developing your own, but it’s very useful to get an idea of what web framework or content management system a particular site is based on, without having to delve into the code for clues.


Almost every designer has come across some awesome typography and wanted to know what font is being used. This extension will detect which web font service a site is using and identify the specific font without requiring you to go poking around the site’s CSS.

Postman – REST Client

If you’re working with APIs, this is a highly useful tool for building and testing requests.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Does what it says on the tin: generates filler text. You can specify the paragraph length and number of paragraphs, and the extension will generate the text you need to fill out your layouts.

IE Tab

Almost no one really wants to open Internet Explorer, but if you’re a responsible web developer you’ll need to make sure that your site displays as well in Microsoft’s browser as it does in Chrome. This plugin allows Chrome to embed an IE Tab. At the moment, it’s a Windows only plugin.

Frame Two Pages

This is a nifty little extension that will split a tab into two viewing areas, allowing you to look at two pages side-by-side.

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