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Maximizing Magento Performance [Infographic]

June 11, 2014 7 Comments RSS Feed

As the original Magento web hosting provider, nobody knows how to make a Magento storefront perform quite like Nexcess. The following infographic is a distilled version of our popular white paper: Best Practices for Optimum Magento Performance, which details how to improve Magento performance by 1,300% or greater.

We invite you to share and reblog this piece openly, as it applies to anybody that’s ever installed Magento and then proceeded to lose money by not optimizing with an ideal server environment.

Nexcess Magento Performance Infographic

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  • Nexcess + Magento = Fast!

  • I’ve also had good success disabling the Collections Sta/EAV types and attributes/Web Services Configuration (1&2) caches on production sites. For some reason, it takes Magento less time to generate these on the fly when needed, as opposed to checking the cache to see if it can serve cached versions, and then generating them if needed.

  • Doug

    Correction: Nexcess Dedicated Server Option ($600+/month) + Magento = Fast! If not on their dedicated premium servers
    you do not get Varnish, etc. and so no faster than any other host. This page is misleading.

  • Joshua Ward

    There are several features on our shared hosting plans which are a bit different than a typical hosting environment and help with performance. First off, Redis Cache and Memcached are included on our SIP-200 and 300 packages. We keep the server densities low and publish those densities so you know how many people you’re sharing a server with. (We only put 4 clients on a SIP-300 shared server.) NGINX and Percona are also in place on all shared hosting servers. The biggest advantage is having good data on the volume of traffic each one of the shared hosting packages can handle while still providing quick load times for visitors. Each package has a limit on how many visitors it can handle and we do our best to educate people on those limits while they’re making a purchasing decision. I hope that helps clear some things up. You can always reach out to chat with use via email, phone or livechat anytime.

  • Devereaux Harry-Barnwell

    Ok What would you suggest to use for selling globally where you need low latency across the board. If current host is in UK with 2 seconds load time and one needs this same or better experience for Australia – across Asia, USA/CANADA + Europe?

    Not seen Varnish & Turpentine on any of your hosting dedicated servers. Any plans to Add?

  • Joshua Ward

    There are a few options you could try. The cheapest, easiest solution would be to implement a CDN service. We include one with our higher tiered plans or one can be purchased separately if needed. ( The CDN solution should help, but may not give you the consistent load times from global traffic you’re looking for. The next solution would be to setup hosting solutions in multiple locations. One server/cluster for each region should solve your issue. The downside with that type of redundancy is cost. We’d be happy to chat with you further about possible solutions ( or 866-639-2377)

  • Shawn

    Ty, was gonna make that mistake, i will take my business elsewhere this is insane expensive for a shared hosting.

    7.5gb $20
    25gb $75