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March’s Best ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Magento Content from Around the Web

March 25, 2015 0 Comments RSS Feed

Monthly RoundupIt’s been a busy March so far. We had a great time talking shop at the PHP Conference in Minnesota and are looking forward to Magento Imagine this Spring. Additionally, we’re excited about adding Magento 2.0 to our hosting plans in the near future, but in the interim, you can start playing around with the Beta right now. And in news from the world’s most popular content management system, it may seem like it has been a long time coming, but WordPress finally released a Twitter plugin. Talk about worlds colliding. When you get some time, check those stories out as well as the rest of the news you missed this March. For the same great content the rest of the month, find us over on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Enjoy and let us know if we missed anything important in the comment section.

WordPress and Blogging

  • How to Build an Online Store on WordPress with WooCommerce – With the help of WooCommerce, you can start selling things from cars, cakes, and food to software and online courses, etc. in just the blink of an eye. Start from the basics: learn how to build your own online store on WordPress with WooCommerce.
  • WordPress on Raspberry Pi – We have tons of crazy ideas here at Codeable and one of them actually became a reality; We thought to ourselves, what if the client could receive a physical copy of their site after the development has been done?
  • Choosing A WordPress Theme: 12 Things To Look For – WordPress powers millions of websites and blogs worldwide. More than 60 million in fact, according to Wikipedia. And this number is constantly growing. ‘What makes it so popular?’
  • The Official Twitter Plugin for WordPress is Here – Today, we’re releasing an official Twitter plugin for WordPress that bundles Twitter features and functionality into an installable package for sites powered by WordPress.
  • WordPress Hooks: Actions, Filters, and Examples – Hooks in WordPress allow developers to easily tie their own code in with the WordPress core code base, themes, and plugins. In this article, we’ll discover what hooks are, go over the different types of hooks, and look at a few examples of hooks in action.


  • A Primer on Scaling ExpressionEngine for High Traffic Sites – I recently got an email from someone saying that the development firms that they were working with were questioning EE’s abilities when it comes to handling high amounts of traffic. It’s been awhile since I have talked about ExpressionEngine’s performance so I figured I would write a post about it specifically.
  • Save Thousands of Dollars by Paying More for Hosting – We’re going to show how you and your clients can save thousands of dollars a year by paying more for hosting. No typo. While helping our customers, we log in to many sites.
  • Securing your ExpressionEngine Website – ExpressionEngine is one of the advanced web design and development tools that you can use today. With ExpressionEngine, creating highly sophisticated websites with intricate details is possible. So now you have a highly complex yet user-friendly ExpressionEngine e-commerce site for your business.

Magento and eCommerce

  • Tackling Abandonment Issues – Recent research found that two-thirds of online shoppers abandon their shopping baskets before completing a purchase. This is perhaps not surprising.
  • Magento Documentation Anytime You Need To It – Over the past year, we have made significant improvements to Magento user guides. What began as a reorganization of the content last spring was part of a larger effort to publish directly to the cloud.
  • Seven Reasons Why Retailers Should Have An App (And Six Wwhy They Shouldn’t) – If you saw me in the street and said “hey Christopher Ratcliff, noted ecommerce and digital marketing expert, I run a successful retail website and was thinking of building a mobile app. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?” I would reply with the following…
  • Improving Magento Speed: Performance Guide – Magento may lead the way in terms of features, scalability, flexibility, system security and reliability compared to most other ecommerce platforms, but all of the advanced functionality / features that Magento has comes at the cost of having a large number of files and large databases.
  • Amazon Wins Approval to Test Delivery Drones Outdoors – Federal regulators have given Amazon a green light to begin testing drones, but it will most likely take years before the online retailer can start delivering packages from the air to peoples’ homes.
  • The Psychological Trigger That’s Confusing Your Customers (and What to Do about It) – For countless years, businesses have been searching for their own unique selling propositions, trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors and convince customers to choose them.
  • Nexcess Will Soon Be Introducing Magento 2.0 Hosting – With the news that the Magento 2 developer beta had been released, we got to work testing it for addition to our high-performance Magento hosting platform. We’re happy to announce that in the very near future, we’ll be adding Magento 2.0 to our eCommerce hosting plans.

To end this month, we’ll leave you with a preview of Imagine Commerce 2015 from Magento.

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