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Twitter Quick Promote Ads Are Useful For Expanding eCommerce Reach

May 11, 2015 0 Comments RSS Feed

Quick PromoteThere are two schools of thought when it comes to promoting social media shares. Firstly, businesses can promote posts that don’t appear to be doing very well in the hope of giving them a boost so that they gain momentum. Secondly, they can promote shares that already appear popular with their users so that they are seen by a wider variety of people that just those in their immediate network.

I’m a fan of the second approach. The people who choose to follow a business have already expressed an interest in its products or brand. If a Tweet isn’t doing very well among that group, the chances of it appealing to a wider audience are slim. My inclination is to write-off badly performing social media posts as duds. Throwing away money that could better be spent on proven content is a non-optimal approach.

Instead, social media promotion budgets should be focused on content that has already demonstrated a level of effectiveness. If a post does well with followers, there’s an increased chance of it doing well among a larger audience who have expressed interest or intent with searches or visits to related accounts.

I like to think of an audience of followers as a self-selecting test pool. They’re a sample of the greater potential audience for a brand.

Twitter has recently introduced a promotional tool that eCommerce businesses can leverage to quickly maximize the potential of popular Tweets. Quick Promote is a new addition to Twitter’s self-service advertising platform that allows users to very quickly promote a tweet in response to real time analytics data.

Let’s say you introduce a range of new products, and throughout the day publicise each with a tweet that has an attached image. From your Twitter Analytics dashboard, you see that one of those tweets has garnered far more impressions and retweets than the others. The temptation might be to promote the less popular tweets in order to get a wider audience for the products that have been ignored. I (and Twitter) think that that’s a mistake.

Instead, I advise using Quick Promote to bring the most successful of the product tweets to a larger audience. The logic is clear: you want to drive as many people as possible to your product page. Among your own followers, the most popular tweet has already shown the ability to generate engagement, and so that should be the tweet you pay to send out into the wider world.

The real benefit of Quick Promote is that is empowers retailers to react almost immediately to indications that specific posts will find favor with a wider audience. It removes some of the guesswork that’s involved in creating tweets specifically for promotion. While Quick Promote won’t replace careful testing and attention to more in-depth analytics data, it does add a new and useful tool to retailer’s social media armory.

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