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The Best Recent Magento, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress Content

September 18, 2015 0 Comments RSS Feed

RoundupSince our last roundup, Envoy sent us cupcakes. They were really really good. Oh yeah, we’ve also been to Meet Magento in Vietnam, an event we detailed in our roundup below, sent a contingent out to Seattle for Pacific Northwest PHP Conference, and next week we’ll be in New York for Meet Magento New York. It’s clearly a busy time, but we’re  never too busy to roll out our monthly roundups. So without further delay, here’s the best of the rest WordPress, Magento, and ExpressionEngine articles from August and September 2015. If you’re looking for the same great content on a day-to-day basis, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Enjoy and let us know if we missed anything important in the comment section.

WordPress and Blogging

  • 13 Plugins and Tips to Improve WordPress Admin Area – Want to customize WordPress admin area? Perhaps you want to change the default color scheme, add your own branding, or even add new help section for clients? In this article, we will share 13 plugins and tips to improve your WordPress admin area.
  • Bad Comments are a System Failure – Internet comments are awful. Recently sites [like Popular Science, Bloomberg Business, Reuters, Mic, The Week, re/code, The Verge, and now The Daily Dot] have been giving up on hosting local comments altogether. Blaming trolls and spambots and the shift in engagement to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, you can almost hear the sighs of relief in their articles discussing these decisions.
  • How to Write Your First Public WordPress Plugin – I’m discovering that I love writing plugins. I wrote my first public WordPress plugin, Display All Image Sizes, around two months ago, and just updated it with some UI improvements based on user feedback. Writing and maintaining it has really brought home the power of open source in a new way.
  • Debunking the 5 Big Myths about WordPress – The Internet is abuzz over last month’s major WordPress update. After massive data breaches at Ashley Madison, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, cybersecurity has become a top priority for consumers, businesses, and even federal agencies.
  • The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post: A Study of Our Marketing Blog  – I’ve always had a love affair going on with data. Any campaigns that I’ve worked on in the past have revolved heavily around number crunching and analysis. So when I recently joined HubSpot, I decided to use my love of data to help us understand what our “winning formula” is for content that is heavily shared on social media, earns lots of links, and brings in tons of organic traffic.


  • Rebuilding ExpressionEngine, First Blood – When I joined EllisLab, ExpressionEngine had been a product for more than seven years. And in that time ExpressioneEngine never had a professional in-house designer to oversee the creation, and iteration of the flagship’s control panel. Unfortunately this inadvertently led ExpressionEngine to a place where the software, while powerful, flexible, and extensible was harder to learn, use, and far more inconsistent in its UI than it should have been.
  • How We Build Our Own Quotes With ExpressionEngine – For a small web shop, creating estimates and quotes can be a joy killer. I just want to make stuff, man – not write out endless spec documents! It’s true. Being old school print designers let me tell you how this process went for years.
  • Why We Use ExpressionEngine – ExpressionEngine is our CMS of choice. People often ask us why we use it over more popular systems like Drupal or WordPress. Others ask us why we don’t use newer platforms like Craft (we do sometimes).

Magento and eCommerce

  • Magento, Varnish, and Turpentine – Today we’re going to take a break from Magento 2 and talk about using Varnish as a tool for improving the performance and scalability of your Magento 1 system. While Magento 2 is on the mind of anyone connected to the Magento ecosystem, it’s important to remember that eBay, eBay Enterprises, and whatever the spun off company will call itself, has promised a long, gradual end-of-life period for Magento 1.
  • Facebook is Turning Pages into an Online Mall – Facebook is making it a lot easier for companies to run their business through Facebook. The social network will open up two new sections: Shopping and services, which allows businesses to feature their products and services directly from their Facebook pages.
  • New Study: Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews – Google processed over 1 trillion search queries in 2014. As Google Search continues to further integrate into our normal daily activities, those search results become increasingly important, especially when individuals are searching for information about a company or product.
  • State of Magento Solution Specialist Certification – The latest figures on the Magento Certified Solution Specialist certification are in. We are now over 15 months into Magento’s only business-oriented certification program, and I’ve kept track of what’s happening in the world of us Solution Specialists, light-crunching the figures officially available via Magento’s certification directory.
  • PCI Compliance Checklist For eCommerce Businesses – A PCI compliance checklist was needed in the early years of eCommerce because there were no set standards for web site architecture design or configuration—let alone measures to protect sensitive data such as credit card numbers and data tracking.
  • 10 Mind Boggling Stats about Mobile Ecommerce (Infographic) – Undoubtedly, mobile has been a tremendous digital force in this modern world in terms of communication and looking for information from the web. Consumers are using their smartphones and mobile devices to research more details about a brand, product or services before commiting their money and make a purchase.
  • Meet Magento Vietnam 2015 Recap On August 22, 2015, Nexcess participated and sponsored Meet Magento Vietnam in Hanoi. We were honored to participate in Asia’s first-ever Meet Magento event. Meet Magento Vietnam (MM15VN) played host to more than 500 community partners, local merchants, and solution partners from across the Asia-Pacific.

To end this month, we’ll go back to another era, an era when new computer operating systems were introduced with a little help from our friends.

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