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2015’s Best ExpressionEngine, Magento, and WordPress Content

January 22, 2016 0 Comments RSS Feed

Roundup2015 was a big year. We were lucky enough to see the long-awaited releases of Magento 2 and ExpressionEngine 3, as well as numerous WordPress releases. More on that below. So for this month’s roundup, we included some of the best recent stories as well as a few articles and bits of news that shaped the year that was. Without further ado, check out 2015’s best content here. If you’re looking for the same great articles on in 2016, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Enjoy and let us know if we missed anything important in the comment section.

WordPress and Blogging

  • Matt Mullenweg Addresses Concerns That WordPress is Moving Too Fast – There are at least three major releases of WordPress per year where users can expect new features and major bug fixes about every four months. While this is great for users, some companies, plugin, and theme developers are struggling to keep up.
  • How to Speed Mobile Page Load Times with AMP and WordPress – Here’s the short version: If you use, install the AMP-WP plugin. The longer version may be more interesting: Want to dramatically reduce WordPress page load times for mobile browsers? Want to deliver your WordPress pages quickly to a viewer from a nearby Google datacenter for free?
  • 17 Free Online Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog to 1 Million Visitors – “Free” is the most awesome price of all. “Free” gets you started when you have nothing. “Free” took me from 0 to the first 1,000,000 visitors to my blog.
  • A Brief History of the End of the Comments – Content marketing, like any other business initiative, is a learned skill. It’s not as simple as sitting down at your keyboard and typing out a few bits of advice relevant to your niche. (It actually used to be a lot like this, but now it is much more competitive.)
  • Bad Comments are a System Failure – Internet comments are awful. Recently sites [like Popular Science, Bloomberg Business, Reuters, Mic, The Week, re/code, The Verge, and now The Daily Dot] have been giving up on hosting local comments altogether.


  • Rebuilding ExpressionEngine, First Blood – When I joined EllisLab, ExpressionEngine had been a product for more than seven years. And in that time ExpressioneEngine never had a professional in-house designer to oversee the creation, and iteration of the flagship’s control panel.
  • ExpressionEngine 3 Is Here – ExpressionEngine 3 has landed, get it now! Here’s what’s new: The control panel is redesigned and rewritten from the ground up with a consistent visual language and smart interactions that deliver a great experience.
  • An Interview with Derek Jones – CEO of EllisLab – Our recent interview with Derek Jones, who is the CEO of EllisLab, enriched our knowledge about his professional journey, his interest in designing ExpressionEngine, and about his favourite ExpressionEngine plugins. Over the years, Jones’ firm, which is based in the US has contributed tremendously in the field of PHP.
  • 6 Reasons Why I love ExpressionEngine – Seems like there’s a lot of negativity about ExpressionEngine these days. Or at least, some worrying. I’ve seen more than a few claims over the years about how this company or that technology was months away from death. More than a few prognosticators have predicted the death of Apple, e-commerce, Google, even the Internet itself.
  • ExpressionEngine Toolbox *Updated – It has been 6 plus years since the ExpressionEngine Developer’s Toolbox was written about on Smashing Magazine. In that time there have been a lot of additions to the product, add-ons, and community that are worth mentioning.

Magento and eCommerce

  • A New Era of Commerce Innovation – Today we announced the general availability of our next generation open source digital commerce platform, Magento 2.0.  The new platform empowers brands, retailers, and businesses across B2C and B2B industries to quickly and cost-effectively deliver engaging omnichannel shopping experiences.
  • EBay Finalizes Sale Of Enterprise Unit As Magento Relaunches As An Independent Company – In July, PayPal split from eBay, ending a 13-year marriage between two technology companies that had grown together to be worth more than $30 billion each.
  • Even Better Themes for Magento 2 (Seeking Feedback)  – Magento 2 has done a lot of work on themes including a improved inheritance structure. A lot of positive feedback has been received on the improvements. But that does not mean there is not even more potential to improve!
  • The 5 Most Innovative Trends in Ecommerce to Watch for in 2016 – Next year, 2016, is only a week away. Were you able to hit all of your goals in 2015? As New Year’s approaches, many people begin to review what they’ve been able to accomplish in the past year, and to think about what they want to see happen in the year ahead.
  • Why Helping Visitors Abandon Their Carts is Your Biggest Conversion Asset – Actually encouraging people to abandon their carts may seem counterproductive, but in the long run, you could end up earning a lot more money. Research shows that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is at 68.53%, leading to the creation of countless articles on the subject of forcing visitors to hand over the credit card details before clicking off your site.
  • Move Over Drones: Here Come Skype Co-Founders’ Self-Ddriving Delivery Robots – Delivery drones and the legislative and security issues surrounding them have caused plenty of debate recently. But while several companies, notably Amazon and Google, are focused on cracking parcel delivery by air, it could be on the streets where robotic local deliveries will first take off — and as soon as this year.
  • SUPEE-7405 SUPEE-7405 is a bundle of patches for Magento 1.x that resolve several security-related issues. You can find more details on the vulnerabilities address by this patch Iin this post.

To end this month, we’ll leave you with an architectural overview of Magento 2.

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