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October 2016’s Best Magento, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine Content

November 1, 2016 0 Comments RSS Feed

Monthly RoundupIt was a big month for the Nexcess team. We were honored to have ExpressionEngine Conference in Detroit this year and were so happy to share our great city with the community. Our roaming Magento Master Miguel has continued his world tour, speaking at Magento events in Spain and Romania. You’ll also notice a little difference in this month’s roundup. With the addition of managed Craft CMS hosting plans, we are expanding our ExpressionEngine section in the roundup to ExpressionEngine and Craft. Without further ado, get into the best from October below, and if you’re looking for the same great articles the rest of the year, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Enjoy and let us know if we missed anything important in the comment section.

WordPress and Blogging

  • How (and Why It’s OK) to Make Money with WordPress, with Matt Mullenweg – This week, we have the very distinct pleasure of talking to a gentleman who is not only a talented member of the WordPress community … but the one responsible for it.
  • 19 Action Steps to Take Whenever You Publish a New Blog Post – You just wrote your latest masterpiece and hit “publish.” Now your real work begins. If you want your content to bring in real traffic, you need to put in the effort and make it count. These 19 action steps will help you get the most out of each post you publish.
  • WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 Now Available for Testing – WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 was released this evening with a long list of highlighted features that are certain to delight both end users and developers. Core contributors are asking for testing and feedback on some of the larger items ahead of the official release, slated for December 6.
  • Top 5 Underutilized Web Performance Tricks for WordPress – Most of us know by now that speed is a ranking factor with Google. What this means is that WordPress sites that load faster will have a bigger advantage in Google over those that don’t. So it is very important that your WordPress site loads as fast as possible, especially on mobile. And besides the ranking factor, the user experience also comes into play.
  • The Wix Mobile App, a WordPress Joint – Anyone who knows me knows that I like to try new things — phones, gadgets, apps. Last week I downloaded the new Wix (closed, proprietary, non-open-sourced, non-GPL) mobile app. I’m always interested to see how others tackle the challenge of building and editing websites from a mobile device.

ExpressionEngine & Craft

  • Why You Should be Using an SSL on Every Craft + EE Site You Build – Secure Socket Layers (SSLs) are nothing new. They were mainly used for E-Commerce sites in which credit card details had to be encrypted. This need for them still very much exists.
  • Optimizing Content: How to Power SEO with Craft CMS – At Authentic, we love Craft CMS for several reasons. Two of them being: the flexibility Craft provides when writing our front-end code, and Craft’s tailored approach to organizing content in the CMS. Here we’ll overview the best practices in optimizing content in Craft for a successful SEO strategy.
  • ExpressionEngine 3.4.4 Released – Between salivating over the new Microsoft Surface Studio commercial and watching the clock tick down to the “Hello Again” Apple keynote, grab a fresh download of the latest ExpressionEngine patch release.
  • ExpressionEngine Conference 2016 Videos – All of the presentations from EE Conference 2016 are available for purchase on video. Links to slides where available as well.

Magento and eCommerce

  • eCommerce KPI Benchmarks 2016 – The E-Commerce KPI Study sets out to be an e-commerce digital marketer’s best friend. In this study we will help you discover how your website KPIs stack up against industry averages.
  • Magento 2: Creating a New Theme – Today we are going to consider a case, when you want create a new theme for Magento 2. Just follow the steps described below, and you will realize that it is not so difficult as it seems at first.
  • Should Magento Certification Exams Be “Open Book?” – I recently obtained my first Magento certification, passing the Certified Developer exam. I had taken the exam a year and a half prior and didn’t pass. I’d been doing Magento development professionally for nearly 18 months at that point.
  • 4 Basic SEO Tips for Magento Store Owners – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lives near the very top of the food chain. For any website or business, SEO can play a critical role in your success. For an eCommerce site – even more so. The higher your store can rank in organic searches; theoretically, the more customers you will have.
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Online Retail Forever – Artificial intelligence is all around us, from searching on Google to what news you see on social media to using Siri. And with the momentum around AI growing every day, it’s not surprising that some of the most innovative retail sites have recently been experimenting with the use of AI, as well.
  • When a Founder Returns – I wanted to share the message that I sent to the employees of Magento late last night. We’ve been on an incredible journey this year, and are just now coming up on our one-year anniversary as an independent company.

This month we’ll leave you with a look back at ExpressionEngine Conference 2016.

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