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Holiday-proof your website with a CDN

September 21, 2017 0 Comments RSS Feed

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Truth be told, site speed will always be more important than site content.

Why do I think this? I can easily point to all the studies done by Kissmetrics, Hubspot, Google, but I also know if a site doesn’t load in under 2 seconds, I am leaving. My time in eCommerce has taught me I’m not alone. Awesome ad? Killer content? Doesn’t matter – if you make us wait, we’re moving on, and probably to your competition.

There are a few ways to keep your site under the 2-Second Rule. One of the best solutions is a Content Display Network (CDN), which is one of the easiest ways to create and maintain a consistently faster experience for visitors to your site.

Nexcess Rack
At Nexcess, we have nine data centers in strategic locations across the globe. If we host your website, it “lives” on a server or servers in one of those data centers. Visitors from nearby geographic locations will enjoy faster load times, but these load-times gradually extend with their distance from the data center. A site that flies for users in Chicago can waddle for users in Berlin.

To increase speed, you could physically move it closer to your audience, but this really just swaps one problem for another.

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Or, using a CDN, you can create a copy of your server’s information and store it on another, more distant server (say London in the above example).

You could expand your reach even further by using edge nodes to set up server copies worldwide. That way, it doesn’t matter if your visitor is from London, San Francisco, or Sydney. Your CDN will route those visitors to a copy on a nearby data center.

For all but the most complex sites, CDNs are usually easy to implement and we provide several guides in our knowledge base. Even better, our 24-hour Support Team will help you set it up!

For pricing and inquiries, please visit our website, or email us to find how you can benefit from a CDN.

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