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Five Tactics To Increase Conversions On Your WooCommerce Store

May 27, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Five Tactics To Increase Conversions On Your WooCommerce StoreHave you ever visited an eCommerce store to buy a product only to change your mind at the last minute? The answer is almost certainly yes. Most visitors to eCommerce stores don’t buy anything. The eCommerce industry’s average conversion rate is three percent at best. For every hundred people who visit an eCommerce store, ninety-seven buy nothing.

Conversion rate optimization focuses on improving that metric. Retailers work to discover why visitors don’t buy and then make changes that remove obstacles or give visitors an incentive to make a purchase. Read more

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Three Tools That Test WordPress Themes For Code Quality and Accessibility

May 23, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Three Tools That Test WordPress Themes For Code Quality and AccessibilityWordPress contributor teams recently released Theme Sniffer and WP Theme Auditor, tools that help developers to create themes that adhere to coding and accessibility best practices.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes and thousands more premium themes. Some are excellent, and some are terrible, but most are somewhere in-between on the quality scale. Installing a theme that isn’t coded correctly can cause security or user experience problems, which is why the WordPress project is careful what it lets onto the theme repository. Read more

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Evaluating eCommerce Product Ideas: Is There A Market?

May 21, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Evaluating eCommerce Product Ideas- Is There A MarketEvery product starts with an idea, but good ideas are rare. There is a long road between a spark of inspiration and a profitable product. Investing in a product idea that goes nowhere is dangerous. Few retailers can afford to manufacture or buy products that sit on warehouse shelves for months. For every dud product, there is a product which might have sold well if only the retailer hadn’t wasted their time and money on an idea that didn’t work out. Read more

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Fixing Mixed Content Warnings On WordPress Sites

May 20, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Fixing Mixed Content Warnings On WordPress SitesLast year, Google announced that over 75% of Chrome traffic was protected by HTTPS, a large increase on the previous year. The pace of HTTPS adoption accelerated as the cost, complexity, and performance implications were addressed. With Let’s Encrypt, anyone can get a domain-validated SSL certificate for free. Configuring a WordPress site to use an SSL certificate is easier than ever. Performance overheads are negligible for all but the largest sites. But there are still challenges to HTTPS adoption on established WordPress sites: mixed content warnings top the list. Read more

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Nexcess and BigCommerce Announce eCommerce Partnership

Nexcess and BigCommerce Announce eCommerce PartnershipMay 2, 2019 – We’re proud to announce the addition of a new hosting solution to our lineup for merchants: BigCommerce. This new addition allows us to provide merchants with multiple options for creating, customizing, and delivering their online stores.

As a powerful, headless eCommerce solution, BigCommerce allows merchants to employ a powerful product catalog while maintaining the simple front-end capabilities of WordPress. To this end, BigCommerce accounts with Nexcess will include a WordPress environment with the BigCommerce plugin pre-installed and pre-configured. Read more

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How to Optimize Your Magento 2 Store

May 13, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

The Definitive Guide to Optimizing Magento 2

When Magento was first released, it provided an eCommerce platform that offered functionality not seen before. It still does, but as Magento stores have grown, their requirements have changed. The platform’s functionality now needs to be delivered to an increasingly large customer base, and in an increasingly performant way. For this reason, we’ve made sure that our Magento solutions are optimized to make the best use of the resources available to them. Read more

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Five WooCommerce Marketing Plugins You Need To Know About

May 2, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Five WooCommerce Marketing Plugins You Need To Know About

The two biggest challenges faced by eCommerce retailers are getting people to the store and getting them to buy something when they arrive. Marketing is the domain of solutions to the first problem, and WooCommerce has many features to help bring shoppers to your store. Some are built into WordPress and WooCommerce, but many of the more sophisticated marketing tools are available as plugins and integrations. Read more

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