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Why Choose A Content Management System For Your Site

January 15, 2013 0 Comments RSS Feed

Before the advent of Content Management Systems, websites were created from the ground up by web developers and designers. They wrote the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and designed the back-ends. This approach has both benefits and drawbacks.

Designing a bespoke site from the ground up offers maximum flexibility and choice at the design stage. Everything can be tailored and designed to meet specific needs, with no constraints except for those imposed by the underlying technology. However, that degree of freedom also imposes considerable complexity at both the development stage and during use.

Content Management Systems, like ExpressionEngine, were developed to reduce that complexity and make the task of creating, managing, and editing a website considerably easier. Content Management Systems have become enormously popular, and a significant majority of new small and medium business sites are deployed on one of the popular CMSs. Read more

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