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October’s Best Magento, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress Content

October 23, 2015 0 Comments RSS Feed

October RoundupSince our last roundup, we’ve been globetrotting around the world from Magento conference to Magento conference. Check out our recaps of our visits to Meet Magento New York and Meet Magento Brazil here. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with us at one of these get-togethers, we’ll be in Australia next month. Amidst all that Magento conference fun, we also had a chance to stop in San Antonio for ExpressionEngine Conference and the release of ExpressionEngine 3.0. Without further ado, check out September and October’s best content here. If you’re looking for the same great atticles on a day-to-day basis, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

WordPress and Blogging


  • ExpressionEngine 3 Is Here – ExpressionEngine 3 has landed, get it now! Here’s what’s new: Brand New Control Panel. The control panel is redesigned and rewritten from the ground up with a consistent visual language and smart interactions that deliver a great experience. The useful dashboard is the first thing you notice when you log in to the fully responsive and mobile-friendly control panel.
  • An Interview with Derek Jones – CEO of EllisLab – Our recent interview with Derek Jones, who is the CEO of EllisLab, enriched our knowledge about his professional journey, his interest in designing ExpressionEngine, and about his favourite ExpressionEngine plugins. Over the years, Jones’ firm, which is based in the US has contributed tremendously in the field of PHP.
  • Building Our First Plugin For ExpressionEngine 3.0 – First Impressions – As the public beta of ExpressionEngine 3.0 continues to evolve and leads us towards the first stable release, we’ve started to take a closer look at some of the underlying code changes that will affect plugin developers making the transition to EE3.

Magento and eCommerce

  • What’s New with Magento 2.0 – Magento is set to release the full version of its installment, Magento 2.0, in Q4 2015. The Merchant Beta version was rolled out in July, and its features and advantages over its predecessor have been detailed in this infographic. Focusing on what developers and e-commerce managers can expect, this infographic highlights the advantages and benefits that can be gained when websites are upgraded to Magento 2.
  • Survey: Amazon is Burying the Competition in Search – For those of you waiting for further proof that Amazon is eating the world of e-commerce, your day has come. A rapidly growing number of consumers now go directly to Amazon when they are shopping for products online, according to a Survata study commissioned by BloomReach and released today.
  • Day in the Life of a Developer – Web development should always be fruitful and valuable to both merchants and developers. However, while merchants may excel in their business domain, they may feel in the dark when it comes to understanding the work their development partners do.
  • The Freshest Magento 2 Installation – Despite the awesome functionality Magento 2 is harder to install than the previous version of software. This necessitated the emergence of multiple installation guides across the Internet. But, most of them point at the manual way of installation, or cast a lot of console spells to install different server-side software, or just loose their relevance gradually.
  • Introduction to Magento 2 — No More MVC – Today we’re going to run through a basic “Hello World” example in Magento 2. We’ll setup a new URL, and show you how to create a phtml template for that URL. Along the way we’re going to be talking about Design Patterns™, design patterns, and how Magento got here.
  • Here’s Why ‘Buy Buttons’ Are Invading the Internet – Social media is no longer just “social”—it’s fast turning commercial, too. All the big players, from Facebook to Pinterest to YouTube, are racing to cover their sites and apps with Buy buttons and virtual shops.
  • Magento Security Vulnerabilities Announced Last night Magento informed users in an email that sites using Nginx and the Magmi data import tool are at risk. With this news, we’d like to quickly inform Nexcess hosting clients that they are not vulnerable to the exploits mentioned in this email. Here’s a closer look at the two vulnerabilities.
  • Magento guruincsite Security Issue There is a possible new Magento security issue that has been impacting a number of Magento based sites. The sites in question are being blacklisted by Google as a result of malicious code that is being injected into the Magento database and ends up being displayed and executed by visitors in the footer of the infected site.

To end this month, we’ll leave you with what could possibly be the hardest Mario level ever created.

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