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It’s Time to Move to Magento 2

January 21, 2016 3 Comments RSS Feed

After months of blood, sweat, and tears, Magento 2 is a reality. From a technical perspective, Magento 2 outperforms its older sibling, but what about from a business perspective?

New eCommerce platforms always provoke familiar questions. Will this be compatible with my workflow? Will it have the modules I use for payment and shipping? Will I understand the platform and its internals?

The short answer: yes. Magento 2 is ready for your live store, and you can both enjoy its new features and integrate it with the most common payment and shipping providers. Even better, the development team rebuilt the Magento 2 administrator panel to make life easier for merchants.

Magento 2

Not to be outdone, the Magento community has done its part by upgrading and polishing their new extensions. Some examples include Shipper HQ, aheadWorks, Amasty, and ebizmart. We thank Alan Storm, Marius, and community developers like them for leading the charge to code and test these new extensions, all of which are ready for use in live environments.

Extensions play a critical role in any software because they cover potential holes like shipping, reports, SEO, payments, and so on. The new Magento Connect still excels as a one-stop resource for many of these, albeit with better controls for extensions copiers and code quality.

An active community makes the difference between a fair product and an exceptional one. Without such a community, the weight of developing these modules would fall squarely on the shoulders of Magento, adding work to an already busy team.

With Ben Marks acting as an evangelist, the Magento team is always available. Ping them on Twitter or open a thread in the Magento forums and they will be there to help you. Alan Kent, Paul Boisvert, and Sherrie Rohde are only a few of the active Magento team members eager to help anyone that needs it.

By discontinuing the sale of Magento 1.x Enterprise licenses, Magento has given Magneto 2 the keys to the kingdom. It’s time for merchants to join the global community of developers and companies working toward the success of this new platform. Merchant feedback can help focus the Magento community’s continuing effort to refine the next generation of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform.

For inquiries about upgrading to Magento 2 or for information regarding our Magento 2 hosting packages, contact our Sales Team, available Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time (ET).

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  • FrankLuska

    Oh no it’s not :-) unless you know how to make a responsive theme, write new extensions, etc… Most seem to use a off the shelf theme, and i have only found one, that has been updated. Not to mention extensions, etc..are widely unavailable, and the ones that are, seem to price gouging. I’ll wait, gracefully. A lot of stuff people need, that are built into most hosted solutions, are still missing from Magento. Forcing you to pay a price that’s equivalent, if not more than a hosted system. I was glad to see the improvements in speed, the jury is still out on ease of use, and the lack of new features was very disappointing. I would like to see a side by side comparison of features between the old and the new, maybe I’ve overlooked something.

  • Miguel Balparda

    Hello Frank! While your concerns might be valid, I have a couple of things to add.

    Themes: any experienced frontend dev is able to create any theme you want for M2. New technologies are available to be used for theming, making frontend devs life easier.

    Extensions: there are quite a few mentioned in this article covering most of what you will need. There are also multiple tutorials and documentation on how to make your own extension.
    The prices should be higher and here I completely disagree with you. You can’t expect good code, support and updates for $15. It’s not possible to maintain a bussines with prices so low.
    $150 on the other hand won’t assure you quality, but it will assure you a developer actually working and giving support. You are making money out of this extensions, this is an ecommerce platform, so paying should not be an issue if quality, updates and support are offered.

    I don’t know what do you mean when you say things are missing from Magento, from what I’ve seen everything you had in Magento 1 was ported into Magento 2 plus new features like built in Varnish support plus the awesome documentation at

    This is a complete new system, ready to be used and adopting it at an (not so ) early phase might make a huge difference between you and any other merchant.

  • Rockdrigo Satch

    no, many famous plugins is not already in magento2, like “smtp pro”, “iwd one page checkout”, “eBay-Magento Integration”, “Beetailr” no no no maybe in one year i go to update but now is to soon