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How To Prevent Data Leaks On Your eCommerce Store

April 11, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Data is one of your eCommerce business’s most valuable assets. But it’s not only valuable to your business. It’s also valuable to criminals, who use personal data for identity theft and credit card numbers to commit fraud. Over the last few months, several major eCommerce retailers and many smaller stores were targeted by Magecart, a criminal group primarily focused on scraping credit card numbers. Read more

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Organize Your WooCommerce Store With Categories, Tags, And Attributes

April 8, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Browsing antique stores is one of our favorite pastimes, especially stores that make no effort to organize their wares, chaotic jumbles of products grouped according to whim or chance. We enjoy the prospect of serendipitous discovery. However, when we’re shopping online, a lack of organization is not enjoyable. A positive eCommerce experience depends on the thoughtful organization of products into groups that create meaningful connections between them. Read more

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Six WooCommerce Plugins For Your New eCommerce Store

April 4, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Six WooCommerce Plugins For Your New eCommerce StoreWhen WooCommerce is first installed, it includes everything you need to start selling. But you can also take advantage of hundreds of extensions to add new features and customize your store — modularity is a strength of both WordPress and WooCommerce. Once you have finished setting up your new WooCommerce store, it’s worth taking a few moments to browse the extension directory to familiarize yourself with what is available. Read more

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8 eCommerce Speed Optimization Trends From 2019

March 26, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

8 eCommerce Speed Optimization Statistics From 2019How are leading eCommerce businesses optimizing for site speed in 2019? What build and design techniques are they implementing to stay ahead of the curve and deliver fast, flexible, and consistent experiences to consumers?

We took at look at a select group of over 30 leading eCommerce stores, and analyzed them for Eight key site speed optimization techniques. What we found reveals several opportunities for new and established eCommerce stores to get ahead. Read more

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Introducing the State of Hosting 2019: Trends That Defined the Industry

March 12, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Introducing the State of Hosting 2019- Trends That Defined the Industry

In the nineteen years we’ve been in the hosting industry, we’ve seen a lot of different sites grow and prosper. Over the last few years, however, we’ve started to see a shift in the way that sites are doing so. New technology and infrastructure options, combined with industry changes to security and privacy, have seen development and hosting take on a whole new meaning. Read more

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The 5 Top Takeaways From Magento Live Australia 2019

February 18, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Key Takeaways from Magento Live Australia 2019Magento Live Australia has come and gone, and another year of informative information, actionable strategies, and future predictions has passed.

For Merchants, changes to Magento such as the 2.3.1 update, came with a promise of increased accessibility and improve integration. For developers, roundtables, discussions, and future developments came with both personal, professional, and business recommendations for the next twelve months in the APAC region. Read more

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Top Plugins To Improve Customer Retention On WooCommerce

February 14, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Top Plugins To Improve Customer Retention On WooCommerceCustomer retention is key to building a successful and sustainable eCommerce business. Loyal customer spend more and visit more often. They are more likely to promote your store to their network. Customer retention is also less expensive than customer acquisition. Investing in customer retention and loyalty is just as important as filling the purchase funnel with new customers. Read more

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