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Does Your Website Need Drupal?

July 18, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

At Nexcess, we host several content management systems, including WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, and Drupal. You can build just about any site with any of these content management system, but each has strengths that make it a better choice for some projects than others. In this article, we will focus on Drupal and the projects to which Drupal is most suited. Read more

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Four Of The Best WordPress and WooCommerce Backup Plugins

July 16, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores should be backed up. Every byte of data should exist in more than one location, including the files in the site’s WordPress directory and the data in its database. Sites that aren’t backed up are vulnerable to user error and security issues. Sites with an off-site backup are robust. If something does go wrong, a backed up site can be restored in minutes, while a site without a backup may be gone for good. Read more

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What Is Headless eCommerce and Why Should You Care?

July 9, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

What Is Headless eCommerce and Why Should You Care?vA decade ago, shoppers who wanted to buy something from an online store had no choice but to browse to the retailer’s site on their desktop computer. Today, they are more likely to visit the store on their phone through a native application, a progressive web app, or a traditional server-rendered app. Or perhaps they prefer to buy from a store without ever leaving their social media network. Or they may shout to their smart speaker that they’ve run out of toothpaste and rely on it to relay the message to a retailer. Read more

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Will The CCPA Affect Your eCommerce Business?

June 27, 2019 0 Comments RSS Feed

Will The CCPA Affect Your eCommerce Business?2018 was the year data privacy concerns went mainstream. The media focus on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook brought the importance of data privacy home to the general public. The steady drip of data leaks from prominent companies, including leaks from eCommerce stores targeted by Magecart, cemented the risks in everyone’s minds. Businesses across the world tightened up security and privacy as the GDPR came into effect. And California, the US’s most populous state, home to the largest online economy in the world, passed the California Consumer Protection Act, which has been called California’s GDPR. Read more

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